Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quarter of Century Birthday

I have to say I'm probably the worst blogger ever. I've had this blog for a few years now and I've never been good at regularly posting...and I can't even count how many how many posts I've started with "Well, I'm really bad at this blogging thing." But I'm determined to be better mostly because I'm terrible at writing in a journal and I'd like to have some record of my life...for myself and for my family. My excuse in not posting the last few months was that I was planning a wedding - but now I'm married and I have no more excuses! Plus Erik's been teasing me forever that the only reason I wanted to get married was so I could have a cute married blog. So I figure I better justify all of that teasing by actually having a cute married blog :) 

So without further is my hopeful return to the blogging world. 

I turned 25 back on November 20th. Erik loved telling everyone it was my "Quarter of  a Century Birthday". I'm 2.5 years older than him and he milks that for all it's worth. 

But despite the teasing he made it an awesome birthday!

Starting the night before my birthday with dinner at Texas Roadhouse and some pretty great presents.

Gold Ray-Ban Aviators and Grey Toms! I didn't even have to tell him that's what I wanted! He's a pretty good listener and noticed I've been talking about wanting these two items for months. 

When you have a birthday at Texas Roadhouse they make you sit on a saddle...

...which is much less embarrassing than the year I had my birthday dinner at Joe's Crab Shack and I had to run around the restaurant in a cow costume. I'm still trying to recover from that one. 

All in all it was a great evening with my incredibly adorable husband.

The next night we had some of our best friends over for cake and games. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of the whole group! But I didn't forget to get pictures of the cake Erik made. 

Poor thing, he had the best intentions with this cake, but for some reason it just fell apart as soon as he put the icing on! But it still tasted delicious! 

24 was a pretty amazing year - I started dating the most amazing man, married him, graduated from college, and got my first real job. In fact, I'd say 24 was probably the best year ever. But I have a feeling things will just keep getting better from here on out. I've got high hopes for 25. 



Joelle said...

How precious are you two! And what a sweet husband you have. I don't know that Robert has ever even thought of making me a cake for my birthday...

And I'm a terrible friend, but I don't think I ever told you happy birthday! So...

Happy Birthday!

Glad to hear that it was a good one ;)


Michael said...

Props to Erik on the cake. I've made promises of birthday cake, but never actually delivered.

Also, we ate at Joe's one time. It was terrible. There's was a lot of awkward dancing, but no one had to run around in a cow costume. I would pay to see pictures of that.

Also, you and Anne now have the same TOMS. However, hers have bite marks in them. The dog, not me.

Michael said...

*There was. Not "there's was."