Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I would like to share two little gems that my Mom emailed me tonight.

First this crazy video...which might make me rethink the amount of time I spend on my cell phone:

Pop Corn téléphone portable micro-ondes
Uploaded by sassiere

And then this little ditty...gotta love it:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just an observation.

Has anyone ever noticed that the when you have like 300 pages of reading to do that you also have a sudden urge to color coordinate your closet and perfectly fold all of your jeans?

Case in point...I was doing this:

When I should have been reading this:

But no worries. Despite the fact that I'm only 33 pages into a 294 page book that I have to write a paper on and turn it in by Tuesday morning at 8am, I will have no problem finding an outfit to wear when I turn in said paper.

p.s. Something I forgot to my roommate loves Shawn Johnson and while I was perusing Facebook this morning I stumbled about this little ditty. Love it.

p.p.s. I also love this.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm an Office addict and I'm not afraid to admit it.

So I haven't been doing much blogging lately cuz I've pretty much been spending all of my time watching The Office. I recently discovered the "Watch Instantly" feature on my Netflix account and it's pretty much the best thing every. I instantly watched the first four seasons of The Office right on my computer over the past two weeks. I didn't really get into The Office craze until last season, and even then I only occasionally watched it. I decided I probably wouldn't really get into it until I started at season 1 and saw where it all began. Now I'm totally addicted. For the past two weeks, if I wasn't in class, at work, or sleeping, you could find me in my room watching The Office. I just couldn't pull myself away from the computer. That show is hilarious but really touching at the same time. Like at first I really hated Michael, but I've learned to feel for the guy. He really does mean well. And I can't get enough of Jim and Pam. And don't even get me started on my love for Dwight. And now everything reminds me of something I saw on the office...and the other day I walk into my job and The Gap and the thought pops into my head, "I wonder where they buy their paper?" Seriously. I'm not even lying. Do you think they have a twelve step program for Office addicts...cuz that is just ridiculous.

So I'm done watching seasons 1-4 and now I have to wait an entire week between episodes. I'm going to have to start watching the British version (which is also on Netflix Watch Instantly) in order to deal with my Office withdrawals in between episodes.

So in the episode called "Safety Training", from season 3, there is this awesome clip where Kelly is explaining how Netflix works to Ryan. I couldn't find just that clip so this is like a 10 minute excerpt from that episode. Go to about 4:40 in the video and that's when Kelly starts talking about Netflix. I thought it was only appropriate to share this clip seeing how Netflix has fueled my Office addiction. Enjoy.

The Letter

So a week ago Saturday my amazing roommate Kaitlin and her boyfriend Skylar got engaged. These two are totally perfect for each other. They've been dating since our freshman year at BYU and Kaitlin wrote to Skylar through his whole mission and now they're getting married! Yay! The wedding is January 3rd in Mesa, Arizona and I can't wait!

So the Monday after Kaitlin and Skylar got engaged, my friend Daniel Woodruff reminded me of this totally awesome video we made with our friend Brittany Allsop back before we were world-class journalists. We had to do this project in our Introduction to Broadcast class where you had to make a video without any dialog. We decided to do our project about Kaitlin waiting for a letter from Skylar. At the time Kaitlin hadn't yet gotten a letter from Skylar since he had left the MTC to go to Mexico. She was pretty depressed all the time and would religiously check the mail everyday at the same time. This was during a time when I think everyone in our apartment was writing to some missionary somewhere so we knew exactly what time the mail got there. We were all pretty pathetic...but in this age of email it was really exciting to get an actual letter in the mail!

Anywho...I digress. So like I was saying, Daniel, Brittany, and I made this sweet video that I would like to share with all of you.

Don't you think we perfectly captured the emotion of waiting for a letter from your missionary? I can't believe we didn't get nominated for an Emmy or a Dundie or something...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quote of the Day

Just overheard as I'm walking into the library...

"Can we do the periods?"
-Girl with a scarf tied around the middle of her forhead talking to her equally stylish friend

I'm assuming she talking about the periodicals...but who talks like that? I mean this just a really cool phrase that I'm completely unaware of? I have a feeling they were freshmen.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Quote of the Day

"This would be soooo much easier if you were all naked!"
-Girl in my clogging class

Don't ask...


I absolutely love, love, love, love this woman.

Sophie Kinsella is my sister from another mister and the author of my favorite book series in the known universe -- the Shopaholic series of course. I have been addicted to these books since high school and every time I don't have another book I want to read I go back to my trusty Shopaholic books.

So tonight I'm sitting at the movies, enjoying the previews before my feature film begins ( I saw Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist with my roomies. Totally cute movie by the way.) and what suddenly comes on the screen...

...but the preview of the movie version of my favorite book! Yay! This was the first time I had seen it and I was sooooo excited that I just had to share my joy with the rest of you! I had read that the movie was going to be pretty different from the book so I was a little skeptical, but from the looks of the trailer I think the movie should be really funny! I can't wait to see it!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just One

My roommates and I totally adore this video. We go through stages where we quote it constantly, in really bad Vietnamese accents.

I never realized how much we say the phrase, "just one," until after we saw this video. Now every time we say, "just one," we start cracking up.

As I'm typing this, that scenario doesn't sound all that funny but I assure you -- it is oh so funny.

So while Brillante, Kaitlin, and I were in PA for Molly's wedding we hit up a nail salon for some pre-wedding mani-pedis. This hysterical Asian girl was doing our pedicures so we decided to ask her if she knew what "critol gel" was.

And just so everyone knows, she had already been making fun of typical Asian stereotypes so we knew we wouldn't offend her with our question. we ask this girl about "critol gel" and she's like "Oh my gosh do you mean, crystal gel? Have you guys been watching Anjelah Johnson?"

And we're like, "Oh my gosh, she's actually talking about crystal gel?"

And the girl is like, "Yeah totally. It's a real thing. I even have a video from the lady who invented it!"

And then we proceed to watch this hour long video detailing how to apply "crystal gel" to your nails. It was quite a riveting production. And the woman who invented "crystal gel" had really nasty nails. Kind of ironic, dontcha think?

P.S. I should also mention that Brillante's little brother does a dead-on impression of this video.

"Honey...why you no liiiikkkeee?" Oh AJ...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kaitlyn's Guide to New York, Chapter 1 cont.

Last week I promised a review of all the shows I saw in the big city and now I'm finally getting around to writing it.

Mamma Mia: This was the first show I saw and I loved it! My friend Sarah and I went to the box office a couple of hours before the show and got standing room tickets for $21.50. I know standing room doesn't sound that great but it is sooo not as bad as it sounds. The area you stand in is just right behind the last row of floor seats. You have a kind of bar/ledge thing to lean on the whole time, and I got so into the show that I kind of forgot that I had been standing for so long! Mamma Mia is a really fun show that is based around the music of ABBA. The acting, dancing, and singing are phenomenal and I would definitely recommend this show!

Legally Blonde: If it hadn't been for Wicked, I would say this was the best show I saw in New York! I was a little nervous about it because I had seen some of it on VH1 and didn't love it. But seeing it live was totally different! It's everything you want in a Broadway show! Fun music, big, bright sets, and great actors. I got to see it with the amazing Laura Bell Bundy as Elle but Bailey Hanks was just picked as the new Elle on an MTV reality show. From what I've seen, she's great too! It's a really girly show so I wouldn't recommend it to the guys but all of the ladies will love it! I still listen to the soundtrack almost everyday! For this show I got student tickets on the front row for $26.50.

A Chorus Line: I didn't love this one and that's all I'll say here. You can see my previous post to hear more about.

Cry Baby: This show is actually done on Broadway so you can't see it anymore, which is really a shame cuz it was a cute show. The plot is really similar to Grease, where the good girl falls in love with the bad boy. It's definitely not the best show I saw but it was good enough. Fun music and dancing. A couple of the scenes are a little more scandalous than I would have liked, but it was an all-around good show. I got rush tickets the night of the show, front row for $26.50.

Mary Poppins: Disney always does an amazing job of taking movies to Broadway, and Mary Poppins was no exception. The sets and costumes are amazing! I'm still trying to figure out how all the magic tricks worked! If you love the movie you will definitely love this show! It's hard to stand up to Julie Andrews but Ashley Brown, who plays Mary, does an amazing job! And Gavin Lee could not have been a better Bert. The only criticism I had was that they add a couple of scenes that aren't in the movie, that are a little bit strange. Other than that it's a great show for kids and adults! The kids will especially love when Mary flies over the audience at the end! And "Step in Time" is fantastic! Oh yeah and I got pretty good box seats for $30 the night of the show.

In the Heights: This show was fantastic!! I definitely liked it as much as Legally Blonde. This year was its' Broadway debut and it won the Tony for Best Musical. The show is about people living in the New York neighborhood of Washington Heights. It's a mix of rap, hip-hop and Latin music. The lead girls have some of the best voices I've ever heard! And Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the show and also stars in it is amazing! The show has the perfect mix of comedy and drama and the story really draws you in. And of course the music is great! It's another one that I listen to almost every day. There is a lottery for front row tickets a couple of hours before the but I ended up getting half-price, partial view tickets for $56.50. It was worth it to me to see the show but I didn't love the partial view. The only thing I couldn't see was the tops of the sets but it was kind of annoying when the main characters were up higher on the sets. But anyway, the point is you need to see this show if you are in New York! I guarantee you'll love it!

Wicked: What can I say about Wicked! It's pretty much the best show out there and you need to see if if you get the chance! I've seen it twice with two different casts. The first time I got to see Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda and Idina Menzel as Elphaba -- and it doesn't get much better than that. I wasn't sure if the Broadway cast would match up to those two ladies but they totally exceeded my expectations. Kerry Ellis as Elphaba and Kendra Kassebaum as Glinda were fantastic! And it didn't hurt that I had front row seats for $26.50! My friend Allison Barker won the lottery our last weekend in New York and I got to go to the show with her! Yay!