Monday, October 20, 2008

The Letter

So a week ago Saturday my amazing roommate Kaitlin and her boyfriend Skylar got engaged. These two are totally perfect for each other. They've been dating since our freshman year at BYU and Kaitlin wrote to Skylar through his whole mission and now they're getting married! Yay! The wedding is January 3rd in Mesa, Arizona and I can't wait!

So the Monday after Kaitlin and Skylar got engaged, my friend Daniel Woodruff reminded me of this totally awesome video we made with our friend Brittany Allsop back before we were world-class journalists. We had to do this project in our Introduction to Broadcast class where you had to make a video without any dialog. We decided to do our project about Kaitlin waiting for a letter from Skylar. At the time Kaitlin hadn't yet gotten a letter from Skylar since he had left the MTC to go to Mexico. She was pretty depressed all the time and would religiously check the mail everyday at the same time. This was during a time when I think everyone in our apartment was writing to some missionary somewhere so we knew exactly what time the mail got there. We were all pretty pathetic...but in this age of email it was really exciting to get an actual letter in the mail!

Anywho...I digress. So like I was saying, Daniel, Brittany, and I made this sweet video that I would like to share with all of you.


Don't you think we perfectly captured the emotion of waiting for a letter from your missionary? I can't believe we didn't get nominated for an Emmy or a Dundie or something...


Laura said...

Oh gosh, did you ever capture that emotion. Great job!

Anne Cropper said...

OH wow, I totally forgot about this! That is so great. Kaitlin and Skylar need to show this to their children someday.

Brillante and Darin said...

How did I never see this? Awww.. that made me sad a little. Even though they are married now... i just feel sad now.