Monday, August 8, 2011

I Hate Mondays.

I'm starting to realize there are a lot of trends in the blogging world.  One being that most Fridays bloggers start off their posts with something like, "Happy Friday!" or "So glad it's finally the weekend!"  And then on Mondays everyone says, "Yuck! Monday already..."  Well today I am going to echo that sentiment.  I really HATE mondays.  And I hate them so much that they kind of ruin the last few hours of my Sunday as well.  

My last couple semesters of college were glorious because I didn't have class until 11am on Mondays.  I didn't realize just how good I had it until I started working full time.  And today was double yuck because I had to be at work at 7:30.  Luckily I live 5 minutes from my work so I didn't have to leave until 7:25.  And don't worry...I fully intended on getting up at 6:00 so I could take time to shower and get ready and look cute.  Did that happen? Of course not.  I snoozed until 6:40 and then made a mad rush to get ready on time.   

Well enough of my how was your weekend?  Mine was nice and relaxing.  I'm turning into such a homebody.  Sure going out is nice...but staying home in my pajamas with a big bowl of popcorn and a rootbeer and cuddling up with my sweetie for a movie is even better.  Plus it's free!  

Friday night was spent on the couch while Erik watched sports and I played on my computer.  

Saturday consisted of laundry and painting frames for our wedding reception and with the above mentioned popcorn, root beer, and pj's while watching Man in the Iron Mask.  

Sunday we headed down to Provo for baby Reese's blessing.  And I basically felt like the worst person ever when I was running way late and we walked into the chapel right after the blessing finished.  I think that was the universes way of telling me I need to try harder to be on time for things.  Luckily, we got to enjoy a delicious lunch at Molly's sister's house after the blessing.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  

Then I got to accompany Erik to a missionary fireside.  He's one of the stake mission prep teachers and helps with monthly firesides for the prospective missionaries.  This is the second one I've gone to and it's so neat to hear all the talks and reminisce about the mission for the evening.  And then the night ended with us watching Titanic on TVLand.  Is it just me or is it impossible to watch that movie without bawling.

I'll never let go Jack...I'll never let go.  


Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Maximized

So I'm doing my first ever link-up tonight! I decided to jump on the linky bandwagon by  linking up with Friday's Fancies on Long Distance Loving.  Every Friday there is a different outfit theme.  So fun!  It's like shopping but without the guilt!  This weeks theme is maxi skirts/dresses.  

Skirt: I happen to completely adore this skirt.  But Erik was sitting next to me while I blogged this, and when he saw the skirt he said, "do you really like that?" with this super sarcastic tone. Yes, I do REALLY like it.  It's lovely and flowey.  And it makes me wish I was sipping a virgin margarita on a beach in Mexico somewhere.  And it's by Alice + Olivia which is perfect because the designer, Stacey Bendet, just happened to be a guest judge on Project Runway last night!

Shirt: I love a super basic tee with an over-the-top skirt.

Necklace: I also love a long gold necklace over a basic black tee.  

Shoes: Cute yellow t-strap sandals.  

Bag: These leather American Apparel clutches are so fun! 


Monday, August 1, 2011


Hey y'all! So you might have noticed that my little blog has undergone quite the transformation since the last time I posted.  And it's all thanks to my amazing friend Joelle from Where We Love is Home.  I've mentioned Joelle on her before.  She and I have been friends since forever.  We grew up across the street from each other.  She has grown into a completely gorgeous and very talented woman.  She designed her own blog and graciously offered to redesign mine.  I think it was mostly out of pity...because my previous blog design was, well...pitiful.  And I have to say she did a knock-out job.  Everything is better than I could have imagined.

I've been waiting for the perfect post to christen the new design.  And today I realized exactly what it should be...

On Saturday at 9:57 pm, Reese Marie Hunter was born to my very dear friends Molly and Andrew.  She was a perfect 7 lbs 10 oz, 19.5 inches.

After a bit a of scare when Reese's heart rate dropped dangerously low, Molly had a flawless delivery and mother and baby are both doing very well.

Yesterday I got to go meet her at the hospital with Erik and our other very dear friends Brillante, Darin, Kaitlin, and Skylar -- oh and we can't forget Anne who was there by telephone!  It was such a sweet moment being in the hospital room together.  Molly, Brillante, Kaitlin, Anne and I have been together since our freshmen year at BYU.  We've been through ups and downs, heartbreaks and eventually weddings.  And now Molly and Andrew have welcomed their first little darling into the world.  It has been amazing seeing Molly go through this whole pregnancy alongside Kaitlin (who is due in two weeks). From finding out she was expecting, to feeling Reese kick, to finally meeting the sweet bundle of joy yesterday.  I'll admit I had tears in my eyes when I saw the first pictures of Reese.  These girls are like sisters to me and now Reese is just one of the bunch.  She'll get a lot of lovin' from this group.  And we've already planned her eventual marriage to Cohen Rackham.  And she's got some of the best parents a girl could ask for.  

Brillante and Reese. 

Me and Reese. 

Kaitlin and Reese. (+ Reese's future hubby Cohen inside Kaitlin's belly)

Everybody and Reese.  

I apologize for the bad lighting.  Apparently hospital rooms are not ideal for photo shoots.  And I promise the boys did get to hold little Reesey Poo as well...I just neglected to snap any photos of them.