Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Maximized

So I'm doing my first ever link-up tonight! I decided to jump on the linky bandwagon by  linking up with Friday's Fancies on Long Distance Loving.  Every Friday there is a different outfit theme.  So fun!  It's like shopping but without the guilt!  This weeks theme is maxi skirts/dresses.  

Skirt: I happen to completely adore this skirt.  But Erik was sitting next to me while I blogged this, and when he saw the skirt he said, "do you really like that?" with this super sarcastic tone. Yes, I do REALLY like it.  It's lovely and flowey.  And it makes me wish I was sipping a virgin margarita on a beach in Mexico somewhere.  And it's by Alice + Olivia which is perfect because the designer, Stacey Bendet, just happened to be a guest judge on Project Runway last night!

Shirt: I love a super basic tee with an over-the-top skirt.

Necklace: I also love a long gold necklace over a basic black tee.  

Shoes: Cute yellow t-strap sandals.  

Bag: These leather American Apparel clutches are so fun! 



Meggan from Lila Grace Accessories said...

Girl I love that Alice and Olivia skirt!! They have the prettiest things :-) xo

Joelle said...

Friday's Fancies? Ohmygodh yes! So happy you're "jumping on tge bandwagon." Such an adorable skirt (I don't care what Erik says ;).

My friend and I are hosting a blog crawl soon. You should totally participate when we announce it. Just keep an eye out...we will probably post about it next week. It's wedding themed :)