Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars

I was kind of disappointed with the Oscars last night.  There weren't any really stand-out gowns, no super memorable acceptance speeches (except for maybe Melissa Leo who accidentally dropped the f-bomb on national television...thank goodness for time delay), and the hosts kind of sucked (really? what were they thinking?!  Anne Hathaway and James Franco? You've got to be kidding me!).  I usually LOVE the Oscars and was super excited to watch this year, despite the fact that I had only seen two of the best picture nominees (Toy Story 3 and True Grit...but I'm now dying to go see The King's Speech).  And despite the sort of disappointing show I did have a really fun evening.  Two of my good friends, Kaitlin and Skylar, had an Oscar party complete with ballots to guess who we thought would win in each category.  I won our game of "guess who's going home with the little naked, golden man" (that's the official game name) in a landslide by correctly guessing 17 of the 24 winners.  I know...I'm pretty baller.  I was super excited that Colin Firth won best actor...he is so dreamy.  And I was also rooting for Natalie Portman...she is so gorgeous.  But can we talk about Christian Bale's beard? Gross.  And am I the only one who didn't know he's British?  I really wanted Hailee Steinfeld to win for best supporting actress...she kicked butt in True Grit.  All in all the winners were pretty predictable...and the acceptance speeches were too long.  BUT, I would like to share some of the things I did enjoy, especially because this post is starting to sound very Debbie Downer.  

I always love the opening video...and this year didn't disappoint.  "Dance of the Brown Duck"....baaaahahahaha.
Love it.

And it was pretty adorable in the opening monologue when Anne Hathaway introduced her mom and James Franco Introduced his grandmother ("I just saw Marky Mark!"...quote of the night).

But I think this music video might have been my favorite part of the whole night:

"She's so glad he doesn't have a shirt!"...hahaha.

And did anyone see Eli Wallach receive an Honorary Oscar?  I absolutely adore him.  I just watched The Holiday for the millionth time on Saturday.  Arthur Abbott might just be my favorite movie character ever.  He is so cute!!  

And here are a few of my favorite looks from the night:

Sandra Bullock

Natalie Portman

Mila Kunis

Hailee Steinfeld...can you believe she's only 14?!

Mandy Moore...I am obsessed with that blue dress!

Reese Witherspoon...did she remind anyone else of this vintage Barbie?

So what did everyone else think of the whole shabang? 

Has anyone else noticed...

...that Justin Bieber's new haircut makes him look disturbingly like Emma Watson?

I won't take credit for spotting the comparison...that was Erik all the way.  But as soon as I saw the photo evidence I whole-heartedly agreed.  No offense to Emma intended...I happen to love her pixie cut.  She totally rocks it.  But Justin on the other hand...what were you thinking?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Favorite Salon

For anyone in the Provo/Orem area looking for a great place to get a haircut I just want to put in plug for the Aveda/Remedez Salon at University Mall.  I used to be super-anit mall hair salons but when I moved to Utah and I couldn't go to my regular hairstylist I stumbled upon Remedez.  I've had a lot of different stylists at Remedez and I've never been disappointed but I've finally found my absolute favorite - Aly.  She is the cutest girl and she has short hair like me so she knows exactly what I want.  I'm super picky about my haircut so if I say she's good -- believe me -- she's good.  Remedez is a gorgeous salon that's always bustling with stylish people.  And a haircut there is only $29!  What a steal!  Plus, at Remedez they give you a short head and shoulder massage before they cut your hair...and it feels amazing.  And they use all-natural Aveda products on you which are my favorite.  They smell so fresh and clean.  I love the Phomollient Styling Foam and the Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener.  

Aveda products are a little pricey (at least for this Wal-Mart devotee), but totally worth it.  I've had bottles of both these products for almost 8 weeks now and they aren't even half gone.  But don't take my word for it...go try them for yourself!  

Friday, February 25, 2011

Oscar Fashion

If I were fabulous movie star who would be walking the red carpet alongside Colin, Natalie, and Christian on Sunday...this is what I would be wearing:

Judith Leiber, Tiffany & Co., Christian Louboutin

Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Earrings: Tiffany & Co.
Clutch: Judith Leiber
(Does anyone remember that episode of Sex and the City where Big buys that hideous bird
shaped Judith Leiber clutch for Carrie? Hysterical.  This one is much better I think.)

Consider this a heads up Carmen Marc Valvo...when I'm famous you will be dressing me for all of my red carpet events.

p.s. I just barely discovered ShopStyle because I noticed a ton of bloggers were using it and I think I might  be addicted.  It's totally like playing Barbies for grownups!  

Fashion Blogs

I am a total and complete blog addict.  I haven't counted how many blogs are on my blog reader and if I did I would probably be embarrassed to tell you how many there are.  Or maybe I wouldn't...I'm not really sure what is a reasonable amount of blogs to follow.  But anywho...a couple of posts ago I mentioned something about fashion blogs and for anyone out there interested in reading them I wanted to post some of my favorites.  I discovered Elaine at "I'm clothed much" a few weeks ago and she has a list on her blog of Mormon Fashion Bloggers.  There are a ton of great modest fashion blogs on that list but here are a few of my favorites:

The Sisters Four Say More is More: They've got tons of great DIY fashion tutorials
The Daybook: Can I just tell you how freakin cute Sydney is?  And she lives in Idaho?!  Who knew anything so stylish could come out of Idaho (no offense intended to all those Idhoans out there.  I'm the product of an Idaho potato farmer so I feel justified in making derogatory Idaho comments.  They are my people after all).
Totally Tessa: Totally adorable high school girl from Oregon with the best style.  Also check out her mom's blog: Your Homebased Mom -- tons of great recipes!!
Kristin. Or Polly.: She rocks some of the sweetest, unexpected outfit combinations.

These are some of my favorites not on that list:
busy bee lauren: One of my new favorites.  She's an LDS girl in Arizona who takes great pictures and really knows how to rock red lipstick.
The Sartorialist: I've talked about this blog before but it definitely deserves another mention.  It's an incredibly popular fashion blog and it got a sweet mention on Glee the other night.
The Man Repeller: Seriously hysterical blog!  It's all about fashions that women love and men hate.
Kendi Everyday: Great photos and great fashion.
Ruby Woo Loves You: Named after blog author Tierney's favorite color of MAC lipstick.  I love this one because Tierney loves anything and everything nautical and so do I!

Have fun checking out all these fun blogs and let me know if you have any favorite fashion blogs!  I always love reading new things!

Oh and p.s. I know I'm way late getting on this train (seeing as this blog has 7000+ followers) but I'm super into the Rockstar Diaries right now too.  Can we just talk about what a fab life Taza and her husband have!  Don't even get me started about how much I love Kingsley and their new baby is so precious! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

BYU Weekly: The Pendulum Court Cafe

Check out this weeks episode of BYU Weekly!  My story about the Pendulum Court Cafe starts at 20:42 (But don't hesitate to watch the whole show!  We've always got interesting stories!).  I had a great time with all the dietetics students at the Pen Court a couple of weeks ago.  They are all so nice and the food is delicious.  Be sure to head over to the Eyring Science Center on BYU Campus and try it out!  But don't forget to make a reservation first!

Valentine's Day

It just occurred to me that I never blogged about Valentine's Day!! Not that any of you really care but I want to take this opportunity to brag about my super awesome boyfriend. Yes, I am totally turning into one of those girls that I hate who just talks about her boyfriend all the time and how amazing he is and you basically want to gag more and more with every word that comes out of her mouth. But I'm in love and this is my blog so I'm going to write what I want to write. Anywho...I had been telling Erik for like two weeks before Valentine's Day that he better be planning something good because I wasn't going to do it (I'm super needy that was my first Valentine's Day with a Valentine and I wanted to be pampered, gosh dang it). So being the obedient kind, and loving boyfriend that he is, he planned a great evening. I don't have any pictures because I was of course running late for our date night and Erik had to pick me up straight from school and I didn't bring my camera with me.  

When he came to pick me up I was greeted with all of your typical, cliche Valentine's gifts: heart shaped box of chocolates, a necklace, a teddy bear, and roses.  

And I loved all of it!!  Plus I got three bags of my all time favorite candy: 
Sour Patch Watermelons.

Erik really knows the key to my heart.  Seriously people, if you haven't tried these things rush to your local Maverick and pick up a bag right this second.  It will change your life.  And the amazingness didn't stop there.  I also got this:

My first ever, real grown-up perfume that isn't a knock off from Wal-Mart.  The stuff smells divine.  Erik and I were at Macy's a couple weeks ago and I told him how I really wanted a signature scent, but I apparently have terrible taste in perfume because my roommates told me couple of years ago that the perfume I was wearing at the time smelled like a grandma...and not in a good way (wow that was a really long sentence...did you catch all of that?).  So he and I smelled all the perfume at Macy's and we decided our favorite was Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani.  And Erik just happens to wear Acqua di Gio so now we're scent twinners!  How precious is that?!

Anywho...then we had dinner at Macaroni Grill which is probably my favorite restaurant (you've got to try the Penne good).  And it's quickly turning into a tradition for Erik and I.  It's where he took me on our first real date...*sigh*.  

After dinner we headed up to Heber City for the absolute best part of the evening...drumroll please...

Yes...that's right...we went to see Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.  I didn't have Beiber fever before the seeing this movie but I definitely do now.  I had been joking with Erik ever since I saw the movie trailer that we should go see it for Valentine's Day but I never thought we would actually do it.  But he surprised me...and showed how much he truly loves me by enduring two hours of the Beibs in 3D.  And yes, I was dancing in my seat and singing along throughout the whole movie.  And yes, I squealed like a 13-year-old girl when Usher and Miley Cyrus made cameos (I might have a slight crush on Usher...and a bit of a Hannah Montana obsession and just between you and me, the Hannah Montana movie was the first movie I saw when I got home from my mission...but shhhh...don't tell anybody I told you).

The whole evening was really more than I could ask for -- especially because Erik didn't even get his present until four days later.  What can you expect...his Christmas present isn't even done yet.  I'm really blessed to have such a patient guy in my life.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Carmel Riding Boots: A Love Story

Despite being a complete shopaholic I'm usually pretty cheap when it comes to buying clothes. I very rarely spend more than $20 on any one item and I've recently gotten super into thrifting (more about that latter...I've got to show you my totally fabulous DI finds). A couple of years ago I bit the bullet and bought a pair of Uggs. I know they aren't the most fashionable things but they have absolutely saved my very weak SoCal feet in these cold Utah winters. This year I decided I just had to cute winter boots. I looked high and low for the perfect pair (you know great fit, color, and style that cost practically nothing) and just couldn't find them. I really wanted these Frye Boots:

...but the $348 price tag was a bit on the steep side for a college student who works like 15 hours a week. One day Abby Wheatly (this completely adorable, uber stylish girl in my ward) walked into Relief Society wearing these boots:

...the Ciao Bella Thabata Boots. I instantly fell in love. So you'd think I would rush to DSW(where Abby had purchased those adorable boots for a mere $100...I know still on the steep side but much better than $300+) and buy them without question. And I did buy them but being the super indecisive person that I am I also purchased these:

...the Steve Madden Inka Boot at Macy's. I even opened a Macy's card to get the extra 20% off and only paid $60 for them. I then proceeded to let both pairs of boots sit in my room in their boxes for like two weeks. Then I tried them on and modeled them for all of my friends so I could try and decide which ones to keep (am I the only person that does this? Because believe me...these are not the first items of clothing that have gone through this rigorous screening process). In the end I decided to keep the Ciao Bella ones...and boy am I glad I did (despite the fact that I think I've seen the Steve Madden boots on every single fashion blog I read)! I am completely obsessed with these boots. I wear them practically everyday and they are so comfortable. They fit perfectly into the country club chic look that I'm going for PLUS they go great with my favorite Banana Republic Skinnies (now only $59.50 and worth every penny). Unfortunately both of these boots are basically sold out everywhere. But you can find ones really similar to my Ciao Bella ones here and here. Get a slightly different style of the Steve Maddens here (in fact I think these are actually the ones all the fashion bloggers are wearing). And just in case you can actually afford $348 boots you can purchase my coveted Frye boots here. Happy shopping everyone! I wish you the same fashion happily ever after that I've experienced.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The happiest place on earth!

For President's Day Weekend Erik and I hit the road to California looking forward to a long weekend away from the snow and cold of Utah. Unfortunately, we were met by the rain and humidity of the OC. But it was still a FABULOUS weekend. We hit up some of my favorite restaurants (Pick-Up Stix, The Whole Enchilada, and Harbor Fish Grill), relaxed at home with my family, and took Erik to my home ward for the first time (where lots of little old ladies exclaimed, "He's soooo cute!" was adorable) But the most exciting part of the weekend was of course going to Disneyland...for free. That's the best part of living in SoCal -- you always know people who work at Disneyland and are totally willing to sign you in for free. Erik hadn't been since he was a little kid so it was fun to help him relive his childhood. I tried to take lots of pictures but he's a total party pooper and wasn't too into that.
But I did manage to snap a few.

My mom made us all go on the carousel!
We felt like kids again!

Erik and I tried to pull Excaliber out to no avail...bummer.
It just wouldn't budge.

We all got scared of the abominable snowman on the Matterhorn.

And I convinced these two to try on some "Goofy" hats at the gift shop.
I was dying to buy those sequined covered Minnie Mouse ears but the dang things were $20!

I acted a little silly, while Erik looked like a total stud.
Look for him next season on America's Next Top Male Model.

We enjoyed free-falling on the Tower of Terror right before the sky let loose.

All in all we had a very magical day!
I just LOVE Disneyland!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yellow Decor

Country Living read my mind. Apparently my taste isn't too bad. I wish had the money to buy all of this adorable yellow decor...especially the yellow and white flowered armchair! So cute!

Hello, Sunshine!

I do not feel good about this...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Favorite Gas Station

On Saturday I had one of those awesome all to myself days where nobody could tell me what I should or should not be doing. I didn't have to wake up for anything or be anywhere at a certain time. So I slept in and then did a buttload of errands. I love doing errands, especially by myself. It's just me time and I crank up my music in the car and I can take as long grocery shopping as I want and I can drive to three different craft stores looking for the right color felt to make a fab necklace (more on that next time) without anybody tell me I can't or that I'm wasting time and gas. And then I can get whatever I want for lunch! (can y'all tell that I grew up an only child and that I really cherish alone time, or what?!) I decided I had to have Jason's Deli. I'm obsessed with their chicken panini and you should be too! Please go eat one, I promise you'll thank me for it. Plus...if you dine in you get free soft serve! What's better than free soft serve? Nothing, I tell you...except maybe free diet coke. Ok, I promise I'm getting to the point of this post. While I'm getting my sandwich I'm on the phone with my best friend, Karen, who lives in California and is not Mormon (that piece of info will be relevant in a second). So I get my panini and then I head over to Maverick...

no, not this Maverick:

this Maverick: door for 48 ounces of goodness (diet coke with 2 quirts of cherry flavoring and 1 squirt of vanilla flavoring...oooo baby.). While I'm checking out I tell Karen to hold on a second...I've got to pay for my drink. And she says, "Why didn't you just get a drink at the same place you got your sandwich?" And I say, "Because my favorite gas station is right next door!" She then proceeded to laugh and tell me how weird it is that I have a favorite gas station to get a soda at.

So what I'm wondering, is this whole gas station soda obsession just a Utah Mormon thing? I started to realize that not once while growing up in California did I go to a gas station to get a soda. Our fridge was always stocked with diet coke so I never needed to. But my fridge is currently stocked with diet coke and yet I still go to Maverick a few times a week. It just tastes so dang good!! I know I'm not the only one in Utah with this obsession, because there are always people in and out of Maverick with massive sodas and I just read this post by Allison at SheBlogsSheBlogs. What are y'alls thought on the topic? Where do you like to get your soda? And have I officially turned into a Utah Mormon?