Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Blogs

I am a total and complete blog addict.  I haven't counted how many blogs are on my blog reader and if I did I would probably be embarrassed to tell you how many there are.  Or maybe I wouldn't...I'm not really sure what is a reasonable amount of blogs to follow.  But anywho...a couple of posts ago I mentioned something about fashion blogs and for anyone out there interested in reading them I wanted to post some of my favorites.  I discovered Elaine at "I'm clothed much" a few weeks ago and she has a list on her blog of Mormon Fashion Bloggers.  There are a ton of great modest fashion blogs on that list but here are a few of my favorites:

The Sisters Four Say More is More: They've got tons of great DIY fashion tutorials
The Daybook: Can I just tell you how freakin cute Sydney is?  And she lives in Idaho?!  Who knew anything so stylish could come out of Idaho (no offense intended to all those Idhoans out there.  I'm the product of an Idaho potato farmer so I feel justified in making derogatory Idaho comments.  They are my people after all).
Totally Tessa: Totally adorable high school girl from Oregon with the best style.  Also check out her mom's blog: Your Homebased Mom -- tons of great recipes!!
Kristin. Or Polly.: She rocks some of the sweetest, unexpected outfit combinations.

These are some of my favorites not on that list:
busy bee lauren: One of my new favorites.  She's an LDS girl in Arizona who takes great pictures and really knows how to rock red lipstick.
The Sartorialist: I've talked about this blog before but it definitely deserves another mention.  It's an incredibly popular fashion blog and it got a sweet mention on Glee the other night.
The Man Repeller: Seriously hysterical blog!  It's all about fashions that women love and men hate.
Kendi Everyday: Great photos and great fashion.
Ruby Woo Loves You: Named after blog author Tierney's favorite color of MAC lipstick.  I love this one because Tierney loves anything and everything nautical and so do I!

Have fun checking out all these fun blogs and let me know if you have any favorite fashion blogs!  I always love reading new things!

Oh and p.s. I know I'm way late getting on this train (seeing as this blog has 7000+ followers) but I'm super into the Rockstar Diaries right now too.  Can we just talk about what a fab life Taza and her husband have!  Don't even get me started about how much I love Kingsley and their new baby is so precious! 

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Tierney said...

Dude, so I totally just stumbled across this while being obsessive and looking at my GOOGLE STATS. Thanks for the shout out. You're kind of awesome, so I'm super flattered to be on the list--ESPECIALLY WITH MY FAVORITE MAN REPELLER!

xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox times a million