Wednesday, December 7, 2011

O Christmas Tree

The day after Thanksgiving, I dragged Erik to WalMart to buy our first Christmas tree! I seriously could not contain my excitement. I love Christmas so much. It's definitely my absolute favorite time of year. 

My Mom has always gone all out with her decorations and my parent's house still looks magical every Christmas. I used to beg her not to take the decorations down until after New Years. Now, our apartment definitely doesn't look as beautiful as my parent's house but we feel pretty good about it. I haven't taken pictures of all of my little decorations but I snapped a few the day we put up our tree that I wanted to share. 

It was such a fun day. I lit some candles, put on my favorite Christmas music and talked Erik's ear off about all my favorite Christmas traditions (including going to In-N-Out on Christmas Eve which Erik has promised me we get to continue this year! Yay!). I can't wait to start our own traditions this year. Decorating the tree together is definitely the first of those. 

Please don't mind the 1,000 pictures of Erik and I on the shelves behind him...we haven't gotten around to framing anything but our engagement and bridal pictures quite yet. 

Almost there!
Hooray! All the lights work!
All done!

Shortly after we took the above pictures, the lighted star on the top of the tree stopped working. So we headed back to WalMart for a new star and couldn't resist a tree skirt to match our new stockings! 


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