Thursday, December 8, 2011

I can do anything good!

Despite the mind-numbing headache I've had all day, I still feel a bit like little Jessica. I am incredibly content and happy with life right now.  I have an amazing husband, a wonderful family, and the best friends a girl could ask for. I have a great job, 10-minutes from my house and a cozy apartment to come home to every night. Plus, I get to leave the freezing cold of Heber tomorrow and head down to sunny St. George for my office Christmas party. I cannot wait! I've been hearing about the epicness (yes, I just made up that word) of this party for weeks now. And I'm all for any weekend that starts at 11am on Friday. 

Also, the next video has nothing to do with anything I just said, but it is just so dang funny I couldn't resist. I've already watched at least 5 times and it still cracks me up!


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