Monday, December 12, 2011

Local Book Christmas Party: Part 1

Erik and I had the best weekend! We had the chance to head down to St. George for my company Christmas party. I work for a phone book publisher called The Local Book. Our corporate office is in Midway, but we also have an office in St. George. Since we have more people in our St. George office, we have our party down south. 

Our office closed at 11am on Friday and Erik and I drove down after that.    After getting settled in at our hotel we headed over to the Entrada Country Club for the party. If the golf course looks familiar that's because it's where they filmed High School Musical 2! I'll admit...I was pretty excited about that. 

The party started off with delicious appetizers and an even more delicious dinner and dessert. Then we headed into the "Christmas Accessory Contest." Where Brad, from my office in Midway, won with his ridiculously awesome antler hat. 

He had been talking about this accessory contest for weeks before the party but none of us knew what he was actually going to wear. I just have to say, he sure outdid himself. And yes, those antlers are real.

I work with my cute MIL, Jill. She and her sister Dori may not have won the costume contest, but their reindeer hair sure was cute.  

After the contest we moved on to the main part of the evening which is a serious of games. We were divided into teams by table. Each table received points based on where they placed in the game.

Some of the game highlights included:

This rudolph game where you had to hold a string in your mouth and then get the little red ball to stick to the vaseline on your nose. 

 Erik got second place!

This cookie game that I got stuck doing, where you had to put a cookie on your forehead and then work it down to your mouth and take a bite. 

Sooooo attractive, I know. And even worse...I got fourth place. Lame-o. 

This crazy game where you had to balance M&M's on two pencils that were hanging from string and then pull them up to your mouth and eat at least one. 

Bonnie from the Midway office got first place and Chris who was at mine and Erik's table got second! 

And this toilet paper game where one teammate had to wrap another teammate in an entire roll of toilet paper. 

And finally, we had 10 minutes to dress up one of our teammates as Santa Claus. 

There ended up being some pretty great looking Santas. 

Erik got second place and my boss's adorable daughter got first. I have a feeling none of the other Santas even stood a chance against this cutie. 

 After all the games were finished the teams each got to choose a prize by picking one of the wrapped boxes that you can see in a lot of these pictures. Nobody knew what was under each box. The last place team had to go first and then each subsequent team could steal a prize that had already been opened or choose another box. There were some pretty great prizes! My MIL's table all got Kindles, another table got mini video cameras, and another table got some pretty awesome snow hats from Venezuela. We ended up with a cool retro lunch box (with $ inside) and a fun board game. 

After the games we did a fun gift exchange. My company is good enough to provide every employee with $50 for the gift exchange. My boss's wife wrote a fun poem that she read while everyone opened their presents that had instructions for switching with other people or stealing presents. It was a fun twist on your typical gift exchange. There were tons of great gifts and we ended up with a cute neon green IPod Shuffle. 

It was definitely the best work Christmas party I've ever been to. We had a total blast. It was so fun to see my co-workers outside the office. I really work with a fantastic bunch of people. And I am so, so privileged to work for such a great company and have wonderful bosses who treat their employees so well. 


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Michael said...

I guess that's one of those things you just never think about: the people who make the phone book. I'm kinda upset we don't have a "local book" in Iowa City. Can you get on that?

I wish Anne's company did fun things like that. Her reward for working is usually just more work. Oh well...