Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cafe Rio + Friends

Two of our very best friends, Anne and Michael, were in town last week. So we met up at Cafe Rio in American Fork for good food and even better conversation. 

I just love these two. Anne and I have been best buds since our freshman year of college. And Michael and I actually grew up together. I could not have been happier when I found out they had a little romance brewing and eventually got married! Actually, I take that back, I could have been happier. I happened to be on my mission at the time and had to miss their wedding :(

But then they had to go and move away. First to Texas and now to Iowa where Michael is in grad school. So we hardly ever get to see them anymore. But I guess that makes the times that we do get to see each other that much better. We ended up sitting at a tiny table in that very crowded restaurant for over an hour catching up. 

We'll sure miss you guys! And whenever you happen to make it to Utah we've got a pork salad with your name on it! 


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Brillante and Darin said...

Fun!! Anne, you guys really just need to move back...Just saying...