Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Locos Tacos and Beyond!

I had every intention of writing a little weekend wrap-up yesterday (because we had a great weekend!) but this random windstorm hit Utah on Sunday which caused my allergies to go crazy. So basically blogging was not happening last night because all I felt like doing was laying on the couch finishing this (which was SO good by the way). 

So here I am on Tuesday night writing about my weekend - which I'm pretty sure is against blogger rules or something. But, hey, I've always been a bit of a rebel so to heck with the rules! Ok - actually I've never been a rule breaker. But this is the start! I feel so liberated! 

Ok now I'm getting distracted - back to our weekend. It all started Friday night when I came home to these:

So pretty, right? Erik really is the best. 

Then we moved on to this:

Pretty sure he's going to kill me for posting this photo - oh well, it's already on Instagram. And yes that is a Doritos Locos Taco that Erik is chowing down on. And yes it is delicious. We've had them twice already and will definitely be going back for more. 

After our fancy dinner at Taco Bell we headed up to the outlets in Park City so Erik could check out some sunglasses he's been wanting. Well we didn't buy any sunglasses - because he happens to have a hook-up to get them for 50% off - but I did get this:

A seriously lime-green winter coat at the Columbia outlet! You could spot me from a mile away in this thing. They have some amazing deals right now! This is the best time to buy a new coat for next year because they are all on sale. I got this one that has two different layers (this is the super warm under layer and the top layer is waterproof with cute blue and green stripes) for $60. The full price was $250! I couldn't pass up a deal like that. Especially since I've had my current winter coat since '04. 

Anyway, enough about my new obsession coat. After our little jaunt up the road we headed back to Heber for The Hunger Games!!!!! I would have loved to do the midnight show the night before but I am just getting too old for that, haha. I just about died at work after the Harry Potter midnight premier - which was totally worth it! But after that I knew that midnight premiers were just not for me anymore. I'll leave those to the youngins' from now on. 

Our little hometown theatre in pre-sold tickets for the midnight show, but not for the Friday night shows. So I was all worried that we wouldn't get in or that we'd have to wait in line for hours. We decided to try for the late show hoping that everyone else would go to the early show. And yes you did read that right - the theatre in town only has two shows on Friday night. I love small towns.  Actually I REALLY, REALLY LOVE small towns. Because when we got to the theatre 30 minutes before the show this was the line:

They weren't even selling tickets until 15 minutes before the movie started. I think we ended up being like the 8th and 9th people in the door. Like I said, I LOVE this town. 

So I'm sure you're dying to know what we thought of the movie. We LOVED it!!!!!!! It was sooooooo good. Erik hasn't read the books and still loved it and now he's dying to read the them. We even ordered the box set on Amazon yesterday. I devoured the books about a year ago and was so excited to see the movie. It definitely lived up to my expectations. I would agree with many of the reviews I've read that say it's the best book to movie adaptation they've ever seen. It was that good. I'm not the best at writing movie reviews but I adored this from one of my favorite bloggers, Lauren at Busy Bee Lauren. She did this awesome countdown to the Hunger Games series on her blog which got me even more excited for the movie. And now that I've read her review I'm dying to see the movie again. I think I know what we're doing for date night this week ;)

On Saturday I went down to Provo and hit up my two favorite stores - Target and DI. Target was kind of a bust but I found a couple of awesome things at DI. I'm hoping to share them on here as soon as I get around to it. After my shopping trip I went to my cute friend Meredith's bridal shower. She started dating her fiance around the same time that Erik and I started dating so it's so fun to see them getting married too! Yay for love! Then Brillante and I had a little girl's afternoon spent chatting and browsing at Ross. We don't have nearly enough girl time now that we're both married and it was so nice to catch up and talk each other's ears off for a while. Plus I found some red skinnies at Ross which I can't wait to wear. 

Sunday was church or course. Erik and I teach the 13,14, and 15 year-old Sunday School class which is so fun. We have a great group of kids. And this Sunday I got to be on a little mini panel in Young Women's with another super cute newlywed girl in my ward. The Young Women's president asked us all kinds of questions about self-reliance, things we did as teenagers, and how to prepare for marriage and life in general. It was so cool to reflect on how far I've come since I was a 16 or 17 and think about all that I've learned in the last few years. Boy does time fly. 

After church one of our favorite couples - Elise and Seth Bracken came over for dinner. These two happened to have met while serving as missionaries in South Carolina just like Erik and I. Elise was one of my companions and it's so fun to get together with her and Seth since we all served together. We had some seriously delicious steak for dinner along with fresh green beans, Waldorf Salad, and glass bottled IBC Root Beer. Then, we finished the night off with a rousing game of Uno. 

Wow, that was one long-winded post about my weekend. It was such an enjoyable one that I couldn't resist. Plus, I basically fail at ever writing in a real journal so this will have to do. I know that my future children will be just thrilled to read about how we spent our newlywed weekends.  And I'm sure you are too :)


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