Thursday, March 22, 2012

Honeymoon: Part Three

Just a few last photos of our honeymoon that I wanted to share!

 We started out our last day in San Diego by going to the Broken Yolk Cafe for breakfast. 

This place is seriously so cute. Erik has seen it on Man vs. Food and was dying to check it out. They have a challenge to eat this massive John Wayne Omelet. 

Luckily Erik didn't attempt the challenge, but just got a downsized version of the John Wayne instead. 

I had one of the best and biggest biscuit (yes, just one plate sized biscuit) and gravy of my life. We'll definitely be going back here the next time we're in San Diego. So delish! 

It was kind of a dreary, rainy day so after breakfast we decided to head to Balboa Park and check out the Natural History Museum. We totally felt like little kids going to the 3-D movie they had about dinosaurs and playing with all the exhibits.  I'll admit to being the tiniest bit board but Erik really had fun - and I enjoyed taking lots of funny pictures of him. 

After the museum we went over the huge Coronado bridge to the island and just drove around for a bit. Then we decided to be total bums and go back to our hotel and take a nap. And when I say nap I actually mean nap ;) We were just crazy exhausted after a weeks worth of wedding and honeymoon festivities! We had every intention of going back to Coronado for dinner that night but ended up sticking closer by our hotel and going to a cute place in Little Italy called The Mona Lisa. 

The next day we packed up our stuff to leave. I was soooo sad to leave! I was definitely not ready to go back to real life. 

Before heading home we stopped at my parents house in Orange County to pick up our wedding presents and then headed to Vegas for the night. Erik had never been to Vegas and thought it would be go for the night. You'd think as young newlyweds in Vegas we'd totally go out on the town for a night of frivolity - but you would be wrong. We were tuckered out from a day of driving, so we ordered an overpriced pizza from room service and stay in for the night. We really must be the most exciting couple around - haha, we're such homebodies. 

The next day it was back to reality. But at least it's newlywed reality - which happens to be THE BEST kind of reality there is. 


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