Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Friday, Friday...

Am I the only one that still sings that song every Friday? And does it bother anyone else that one of the worst songs ever to hit the airwaves is now a permanent part of pop culture? Like I'm pretty positive I will sing that song every Friday for the rest of my life. Rebecca Black really should not have that kind of control over my life. 

Anywho...I know Friday is almost over but I'm just chillin' here on my couch while my hubby plays Call of Duty. He's trying to "level up" his AK-47 - whatever that means. So I thought I would put up a little post. 

Friday night is date night in the Nystul home. Tonight we went to Don Pedro's in Heber for dinner. It was quite scrumptious. After dinner the weather was just too beautiful to stay inside so we grabbed a couple of baseball mitts and played catch for a while. Poor Erik...I'm horrible at sports. He told me tonight that when he found out  that I'm a huge baseball fan and basically grew up at Angel Stadium, he thought, "Wow, playing catch with her will be so fun!" How wrong he was. Just because I could name the entire Angel's roster in 6th grade does not mean I know one bit about actually playing the game. I'm horrid actually. But Erik is trying to teach me and I'm slowly learning. 

So we've basically had a fun night so far and now we're killing time until the late show of The Hunger Games. Yup, we're going to see it again. We just can't resist. 

I'm really excited for this weekend because it's the Annual General Conference for our church. Twice a year our leaders speak to us from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City and it gets broadcast all over the world in about a million languages. Their words are always so inspiring and uplifting. So we'll get to spend the weekend at home watching conference in our pj's. 

Although I LOVE watching conference, probably the best part about this weekend is that Erik will be home for the whole thing! You see, he usually works on Saturdays but because we live in Utah he got to work today instead and has tomorrow off! Yay! I'm so excited to have him to myself for two whole days.

So what are you doing this weekend? Anything exciting on the agenda?


p.s. This is how I feel about the weekend:

That's my excited face in case you couldn't tell. I live for the weekend. 

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