Monday, March 19, 2012

Honeymoon: Part One

I had a serious case of the Mondays today. After a very relaxing weekend spent buying an awesome new blender, watching The King's Speech (Finally! We loved it!), a bit of cleaning, watching the RSL game (They won!), and a birthday party for Molly - it was very hard to go back to work. Plus, the warmer weather we've had the past week has got me dreaming of summer and fun vacations. So I figured today would be the perfect time to finally post our honeymoon photos. 

We spent our wedding night in Newport Beach and then headed down to San Diego the next morning. It was the best week! We went on a harbor cruise, to the zoo, and generally just relaxed and loved spending every minute together as a new married couple. I took a million pictures of course so I'll try not to overload you too much.

I know this is a terrible picture because the lighting in our Newport hotel room was kind of terrible, but I couldn't resist documenting our first ever room service breakfast in bed! It was delicious! We felt so fancy.

This was the view from our room in San Diego. It was so gorgeous! We had a balcony that looked right out onto this private marina.

Our first day in San Diego we just relaxed in our room and took amazing naps. It was so nice to not HAVE to be anywhere or do anything after the stress of planning the wedding. That night we headed to the grocery store and stocked up on vacation snacks. After being super careful about what we ate before the wedding we were ready to pig out! Haha, no more worries about my dress fitting perfectly! Dinner was from the very gourmet Arby's. I mean when we go all out, we really go all out. 

The next day we decided to be true Mormon honeymooners and headed over to the Mormon Battalion History Site in Old Town. It turned out to be really fun!

Erik got to dress up as a pioneer and then we panned for gold! 

Then we headed down to the water for a Harbor Cruise.

It was such a beautiful day! I couldn't resist taking pictures of all the sailboats.

This is actually a view of our hotel from the cruise. The hotel was on Shelter Island so it had water views on two sides. Our room was on the side facing the marina, and this side looked out onto San Diego Harbor.

The harbor is home to a huge Naval base. It was neat to see all planes and ships.

I just couldn't take enough pictures of my new hubby!

After the cruise we had dinner at Anthony's Fish Grotto - which as you can see is right on the water. The food is amazing! And the view really can't be beat.

This neat old ship called the Star of India is right outside of Anthony's. I love the tattered sails.

Well are you sick of honeymoon pictures yet? I sure hope not! I'll be back tomorrow with more. So stay tuned for lots of cute animals that we saw at the zoo. I know you are just dying with anticipation. 


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