Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Honeymoon: Part Two

So you didn't get enough honeymoon pictures yesterday, huh? Well you are in for a real treat! Because as you can tell from my very cleverly worded title - today is our honeymoon PART TWO. I know you are jumping up and down after reading that because you are just so darn excited to see more pictures. And this post does not disappoint! So hang onto your seats kids - and get ready for one too many pictures from the San Deigo Zoo! 

Erik and I are basically overgrown children (well at least I am - Erik likes to say that I'm just very in touch with my inner child) so we were SUPER excited for the zoo. It was the one thing we put on our non-existent honeymoon itinerary. We loved it! We spent the entire day there and still didn't see everything. 

This is a sloth bear...did you even know those existed?

Can you tell we liked the elephants? We took about a million and one pictures of them. I also adored the gorillas. If you ever visit San Diego the zoo is a definite must. 

If you still aren't sick of honeymoon pictures stop by tomorrow for part three! 


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