Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Actor Spotting

I was just watching the "Launch Party" episode of The Office on know the one where Michael thinks he's invited to an awesome party in New York but it's really an online party and so he gets really mad and decides to throw his own awesome party and he orders pizza from the nasty pizza place in Scranton and the punk delivery boy won't let him use his half-off coupon on all eight of the pizzas he ordered so he puts the delivery kid in the conference room and won't let him go?  How's that for a run on sentence?!  Anywho...I'm watching this episode and realize that the pizza boy's voice sounds way familiar.

 Does anyone else recognize him?  Well a quick look at IMDB confirmed my suspicions.  The pizza delivery boy was played by non-other than wheelchair bound Gleek, Artie Abrams aka Kevin McHale.  

Am I the only one that loves watching re-runs of shows or older movies and seeing famous actors make cameos back when they weren't so famous?  It's like a film version of Where's Waldo.  Law and Order is the absolute best for actor spotting.  I swear EVERYONE has been on that show.  

Actor spotting is definitely one of my hidden talents.  I probably drive my friends crazy when we watch movies because I'm constantly shouting out, "Oh my gosh that guy/gal is totally in this show/movie now!"  

And apparently I'm not the only one who does this because when I googled Kevin's name to find the picture above I found these as well;

Gotta love it.  I've unofficially decided to call this pastime of mine "actor spotting" because I can't think of anything more creative right now.  But I'm wondering, do any of my fellow actor spotters have a better name for this awesome game?

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Myleka and Chris said...

I love actor spotting! Watch Buffy the Vampire slayer the original movie it's got tons of now famous actors like Ben afflect and Hillary swank!