Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have been meaning to post about our wedding for a while now. I mean we've been married almost three months and I haven't posted a single wedding picture on here! Crazy! Well, when I saw that my good friend Joelle at Something Charming was doing a Wedding Wednesday link-up, I thought it would be the perfect motivation to get started on my wedding posts. I apologize in advance because I'm probably going to post a lot of pictures - and you will probably get very sick of hearing about my wedding. But, to keep you from getting too sick of it, I'll contain my wedding posts to Wednesdays. 

 I decided to start by posting our engagement photos. They were taken by our very dear, and very talented friend Molly Hunter. You can see more of her work here. Molly is a fantastic photographer and it was so much fun to have her take our photos. She really did a great job bringing to life all the ideas I found on Pinterest and throughout the interwebs.  

So without further ado - here are the photos! 

A few notes in case anyone is wondering:

We took the pictures in a farmer's field in south Provo that Molly happened to stumble upon. When I saw that amazing tree in some other engagements Molly had done, I knew we had to take ours there too.

I actually made the blanket we're sitting on - it was Erik's Christmas present last year. We had to throw some glass bottled sodas in there. Erik is a major Pepsi fan and everyone knows I'm a Coke girl all the way. I made the "LOVE" sign out of construction paper and twine. The cute flowered basket was a DI find a couple of years ago. I also found the frames at thrift stores and just spray painted them in our colors. 


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