Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm linking up again tonight for Wedding Wednesdays with Joelle at Something Charming. Last week I posted our engagement photos so I thought this week I would post our bridals/groomals. Our fabulous friend Molly Hunter also took these for us. We got married in October right when the leaves were changing in Utah so I knew I wanted pictures that would capture all the gorgeous colors. 

Erik wasn't quite as into the whole idea as I was. He said on more than one occasion how ridiculous it is to go traipsing through the woods in a wedding dress, because anyone looking at the pictures is going to think "Why is that girl in the woods in her wedding dress?" And I have to admit...he's sort of right. But I have spent why too many hours looking at amazing photos of women in their wedding dresses out in nature to miss my opportunity to have the same thing - no matter how illogical the whole thing is. 

So basically I won the debate and we headed up the Alpine Loop a couple of weeks before our wedding to make my dream a reality.  Molly did an amazing job as always and we got to have the gorgeous photos to display at our reception. It also saved a lot of picture taking time on the actual wedding day - which I think Erik was very grateful for. 

I know it's not totally traditional to let the groom see the dress before the wedding day but I'm thankful we did it this way. We got to have our own private moment at home without anyone else around. Although I would have loved one of those neat "first look" pictures, I think this way was a lot more special. I don't think I'll ever forget the look on Erik's face when I walked out in my dress. He was totally speechless and made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. 


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