Monday, December 8, 2008

Check me out on Dooce!

Over the summer I discovered Dooce which is apparently the most popular blog on the internet. Dooce author, Heather Armstrong is incredibly funny and witty. I will warn you that she can be slightly vulgar at times so you have to be cautious when reading her site. However, she is also very honest and insightful in her writing.

A few weeks ago I was reading some of her archives and I found a post that talked about her appearing on the Today Show over the summer. And in case anyone forgot...I was at the Today Show over the summer! So I start scrolling through her pictures and I see this one of Kathie Lee wearing a dress that I totally remember her wearing. And I say to myself, "I think I was in the greenroom that day! What a coincidence! I probably saw Heather without knowing who she was!" So then I scroll down a couple more pictures and guess who is standing in the background of one of her photos?!? Ummm....could it be me?!!? Oh yeah! It was! Click here and scan down to the 6th photo and you might recognize someone in a red jacket. I know you can't see my face but I was still pretty excited. It's just kind of crazy seeing yourself on someone's website that you've never even met before. And back when that picture was taken I had never even heard of Dooce and now I read it almost everyday!

But anywho...the other pictures are kind of cool too because you can see the fabulous Today Show greenroom. I don't think I have any of my own pictures from there because the interns weren't really supposed to take pictures. It was fun for me to see these pics too because I recognize a lot of the people in the background. Ohhhh how I miss 30 Rock...those were the days.


Alex said...

OMG you are so so famous! Um, and let me just confess that I have been reading dooce for about 4 years on and off now...I discovered it in HIGH SCHOOL. but even though I don't always agree with her, I still think she's hilarious.
and you too, you 30-rocker!

Thankful Paul said...

Peace be with you

Molly said...

A:I'd recongnize that hot bum anywhere
B:I love how she totally bashes on the green room! haha:) That was exciting though!