Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Carat Test

Anne's cousin got engaged last night! Exciting, right?! So on our way back from the library we stopped by her cousin's apartment so she could congratulate him and his fiance and of course check out the ring. When Anne got back to the car the following conversation ensued.

Me: So what did the ring look like?

Anne: Oh it's really pretty! Nice and simple. It's a solitaire, round cut diamond with a thinner band. And it had three small diamonds on each side of the big diamond.

Me: How big is it?

Anne: I'd say it's about half a carat which is perfect because she is just a small person and has small hands.

Me: Oh nice.

Anne: Yeah the ring really just fits her overall. It's perfect.

Me: So she has a half carat size hand and a half carat size personality.

Anne: Yeah basically.

Me: How many carats do you think I need?

Anne: Oh I'd say you're definitely a two carat personality.

Me: Definitely. And you're probably about one and a half carats.

Anne: Yeah that's about right.

Me: I have an awesome idea! We should start judging people based on how many carat's we think they are!

Anne: Omgsh we totally should!

So basically Anne and I now have a new and exciting way to judge the people around us. Which is probably not good seeing as Anne and I are already some of the most judgmental people I know -- but I swear we're judgmental in a good way! I'm not even sure how the carat test's more of a gut-feeling kind of thing rather than a scientific measurement. Like Anne and I can just tell from our instincts how many carats a person is. Brillante would definitely not approve of this...sigh...I miss that girl.


Alex said...

Hahahaha! I love this. At first I thought you were going to say "I'm an 8 carat woman"

Michael said...

You're a blogging fool. How am I supposed to keep up?

And nice test. If I were a girl, how many carats would I be?

siovhan said...

BAHAHAHAHAH to this AND Alex's comment!!!

I think I'm a good one carat. At least. Hopefully. haha.

Molly said...

I think "The Carat Test" should apply to the guy... Every girl is like an 8 carat girl (deep down inside you know this is true) posted by Drew P

Molly said...

how many carats am I?

Molly said...

that last post is from Molly...not Andrew.

Brillante and Darin said...

haha!! I decided to go back and read some of your old posts that I wasn't around for. This is such a funny converstation! and I feel special that i got a shout out :).