Sunday, May 11, 2008

I heart New York!

Ok guys so because I haven't posted in a week I'm going to give a very brief description of what I've been up to since Monday...

-Work = boring
-Found out I was supposed to go in early to help with a fashion segment on Wednesday but got a call from the producer saying she didn't need me anymore (yo = muy triste)
-Went shopping with Allison at Anthropoligie and H&M and then to dinner at Chipotle which made the day much better!
-After dinner Allison and I watched Gossip Girl online!! And I totally called it that Serena had killed someone!!!!!! We were freaking out!!!! Love that show!!!

-Got up a 6am to call my internship supervisor to find out if I could still come in to help with the fashion segment -- found out the first segment had been canceled so I went in at 9am instead and helped with another segment. (If anybody watched the show it was the one about getting your legs ready for summer.)
-Ok funny story -- I was in the green room and the guys walks by me and one of the models for the segment was like "Oh I just saw you on TV!" and the guy was like "Oh actually that was just a video of me playing, I'm about to go sing right now. By the way, I'm Dierks. It's nice to meet you." It was totally Dierks Bentley the country singer! I totally didn't recognize him and he was standing right in front of me! Crazy huh!?!
-Went to a NYC LDS Professionals meeting that night where all the LDS Professionals came and talked to the interns about their experiences in NYC. The meeting was pretty sweet and they gave us some great advice. Only problem was that almost everyone who spoke was in advertising so it got a little boring after a while.
-Oh and I almost forgot that before the meeting Allison, Sarah, and I went to the American Girl Place on 5th Ave and relived our childhoods!! That place is soooo cute!! They even have a restaurant that is all decked out in pink and polka dots and you can apparently get food there for your doll!! Seriously if any girls come to the city who had an American Girl doll when they were little you have to check this place out!

-Work = not too exciting. I just did the normal stuff like logging tape and making dubs.
-I went shopping after work to get a mother's day present for my Mom and my Grandma at Anthropoligie. Also went shopping for myself at H&M and Banana Republic:) and I went and explored Saks. That place is AMAZING!!! Totally waaaaay too expensive but amazing none the less.

-Got picked up by a chauffeured car at 6am to take me to work! I have to say I felt very cool driving through the city in a black car with tinted windows. It was very NYC.
-I helped with the Ambush Makeover segment. I didn't actually get to do that much but I got to be in the studio for a while. I did get to see Al Roker, Anne Curry, Kathy Lee, and Hoda Kotb up close which was very cool!! I also saw Mary J. Blige doing her soundcheck! She sounded awesome life!
-That night I went out to dinner with Allison, Sarah, and Jared at this sweet bar-b-que place just a couple of blocks from I-House. It's called Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and the food was really good and not too pricey.
-After dinner we had a surprise b-day party for Christ Cutri, our faculty advisor, and then I went up to the ESPN zone in Time's Square with Allison, Monica, and Tara and watched the Jazz beat the Lakers! Woohoo!

-Left the house at 10am to get Legally Blonde tickets. Allison and I got front row seats for $26.50 with the student rush discount!! For any students coming to NYC this is such an awesome deal! You just have to have your student ID. Check out this website: for a list of all the shows that do student rush or discounted tickets. It's totally the way to see all the shows.
-Allison and I then went up to 5th ave and explore Bergdorf's which is the coolest looking department store ever. The place is seriously gorgeous! Then we went to Tiffany & Co. and looked at all the amazing jewelry.
-We then met up with a bunch of other BYU kids on Canal Street (which is the place for the all cheap designer knock offs) We walked through SOHO and Little Italy and then had lunch in China Town. My friend Monica speaks chinese so she ordered us lots of yummy food at this chinese restaurant.
-Then we wanted to buy fake designer purses. What an experience! So like everywhere you go in China town there are these little Asian ladies that stop you and are like "You want purses?" and if you say yes they lead you to where they are selling these purses. Monica is an old pro at this so she knew what to do. The first lady she talked to leads us to a van parked on the side of the street and Monica pushes Allison and Tara and I into this van!! The van was full of fake designer purses and this lady was like pushing them at us trying to get us to buy some!! It was seriously crazy!! Then the next lady takes us into this office building and into a room that said "Attorney at Law" on the door to throw off the police. So in this office they have all these purses and there are all these women buying these designer knock offs. It was seriously the weirdest experience. And these Asian ladies are so worried that they are going to get caught cuz it is totally illegal. These purses are like the best knock offs I've ever seen. But what's funny is that if the cops wanted to bust these people it would be totally easy because they are everywhere in China Town. It was seriously an experience to remember!
-After China town we went to Ground Zero and saw the WTC site. They've rebuilt a lot of the surrounding building but they are still working on getting the building up that will replace the two towers. It's really sad to go and look at all the destruction that took place. There was this funny guy there that was telling the story of 9/11 and had all these pictures and he had a bucket around his neck that you could put money in. There were also street vendors that were selling books that told the story. It was sad to see all these people making money off of such a tragedy. It's like you want to hear the story but you don't want people to be profiting off of it.
-We all went to this awesome yogurt place called Pink Berry after ground zero. They have delicious yogurt! It's kind of like Yoasis for those of you back in Provo but a little bit better.
-That night I went and saw Legally Blonde: The Musical and it was sooo cute! The music is really fun and happy and the dancing is great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
-After the play Allison and I went to the Carnegie Deli and got cheesecake! Sooo yummy!!

-Just church and relaxation after a long week!


Michael said...

I hope that's your fake designer bag in the picture of "your room." Once again, still jealous. Also, Sarah (or is it Sara), the girl in your pictures, used to work for Catering. Ask her if she remembers me. Then again, it seems like everyone works for Catering at some point in their lives. When are you joining the Catering team?

Kaitlin said...

oh kait, you're going to hate provo when you get back. which makes me sad. you're off living the life and you'll be so bored with everything and everyone (including me!!) when you get back...

Anne said...

Kaitlyn, I'm seriously jealous. Your life sounds so fun and interesting right now. I love your outfit in those pics btw. Oh, and did you get the box of your stuff yet? It should be coming today or Tuesday if you haven't.

Ashley said...

your blog is amazing, seriously. i love it! your adventures make me so excited for my fall semester out there. i love all your advice of places to go and things to see, keep it coming! :)

Me, Jane said...

Katie baby, I'm just as jealous as the kids are! This is such a wonderful adventure for you. Dad doesn't want you to have to much fun or get too attached to NYC! Keep posting the pictures! Love them! Your friends seem "seriously awesome" as you would say. Thank goodness you've got them there to help keep you safe!! Looking forward to the next post! Luv u!! and MISS YOU!!!

Rachel JL said...

Some good news: they do have PinkBerry in SoCal. Glad you're having such a good time. :-) Wish I'd known to look for your mouth and hand on that one segment, lol.
Wish I could see what you got for Jane and Gan at Anthropologie. I love browsing in that store.