Monday, September 29, 2008


This weekend I had my room completely to myself. It was a totally glorious experience. I thought I might get lonely but it was quite the opposite. Not that I don't adore my roommate...but it's great once in a while to have your room totally to yourself. I turned up my music, read with the overhead light on until 1am, and generally threw my stuff all over the room.

But you wanna know the best part...

On Sunday morning I snoozed my alarm for a solid 45 minutes -- guilt free. For anyone who has ever lived with me you know I have a love affair with my snooze button. But I've learned that roommates don't tend to love it when your alarm goes off every five minutes...for an 7am -- it just creates a lot of unnecessary tension. Despite not wanting to create drama with my lovely roommate, Little Kaitlin, I occasionally slip up and in my groggy, early morning state I snooze my alarm a little too much. And of course guilt for waking her up inevitably follows.

But this weekend that guilt was unnecessary, and I milked my snooze button for all that it's worth.

Ahhhhhh...sweet bliss.


~*Alina*~ said...

girl...i am not gonna lie...If was your roommate I would throw the alarm clock out the window... Just a thought! :)

Merrick said...

So I see your facebook status as your blog all the time and finally decided to check it out! I love looking and blogs, so yours is added to the list :) You can check out mine too:

Oh..and when me and Meag were roommates, she didn't get to go home too much (living in VA and all that) so I hardly ever got my room to myself. But when I did...sweet sweet bliss.

Laura said...

Yes, I remember the snooze button; at least it wasn't a super cruel alarm. Ha ha. Remember when we both overslept and it was Anne who woke us up by calling your cell phone? Good times.

Anne Cropper said...

Oh my heck, I'm glad you posted this. You have a chronic snooze button problem. I love you dearly Kaitlyn, but I do not love your alarm clock. Fortunately I was half-asleep and groggy when you would constantly hit the snooze every 4 minutes, or I might have destroyed your alarm clock.