Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm thinking about taking up tennis.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I walk from my apartment to the RB for my clogging class (don't mock me. clogging is hardcore.) My walk takes me right past BYU's outdoor tennis courts. Whenever I walk by I can't help but glance at the men's tennis team who practices there in the afternoons. Up until yesterday I had only seen the guys through the net-covered fence and had only gotten an obscured view of their toned chests and wash-board abs.

Well, yesterday as I'm walking to class this incredibly gorgeous man comes walking towards me carrying a tennis racket. The guy was shirtless, sweaty, and oh-so sexy. He looked so much better without the fence to obscure his bulging muscles. I seriously had no idea tennis players were that good looking -- except for Andy Roddick, who I've always known was that good looking.

Oh baby.

Anyway...the thought of those hot men running around the court has gotten me thinking about taking up tennis. Who knows I might even be the next Venus Williams. Maybe that man walking towards me, enticing me to take up tennis was really a sign that I have this hidden tennis talent.

I mean when I was like 12 I totally took a summer tennis class and I was basically amazing.

Well, maybe not amazing, but I was pretty good.

Ok, I actually kind of sucked, but that just means I've got tons of room for improvement!

And besides the sexy men there are a lot of great things about tennis. I even made a list:

Great Things About Tennis
1. It's a great workout so I would have a really hot bod.
2. You play tennis outside so I would have an amazing tan to go along with my hot bod.
3. Tennis players wear those adorable skirts so it would be an excuse to go shopping.
4. Tennis players also wear a lot of Lacoste polo shirts so I would have to buy some of those to fit in. Which means yet another excuse to go shopping!
5. I don't currently own a tennis racket, or any tennis equipment for that matter, so that's one more excuse to go shopping!
6. If I got really good I could compete at Wimbledon and I've always wanted to go to England. (And I bet British tennis players are even sexier than American tennis players.)

That's all I've come up with so far, but I think that's a pretty dang good list. This blog entry will probably spawn a nationwide tennis frenzy because of all the amazing reasons I've thought of to take up the sport.

See you all on the court!


Laura said...

Hmm, I've thought about taking up tennis too...but that was long before the post about the hot tennis players. Now I *really* want to take up tennis. *laughs*

Anonymous said...

Oh Kaitlyn, you are so crazy. But I <3 you anyway.

Maybe you should pitch this as a weekly news thing? Like "Kaitlyns guide to life" or something or "I'm thinking about...With Kaitlyn Thatcher" oh! or "Bring the Joy back into your life with Kaitlyn Joy"

hahahahaha - do it

Allison Barker said...

Kaitlyn!! i'll totally play with you!! I need every excuse possible to see you....

Maiken P. said...

I like your blog! haha, i'm actually planning to quit tennis, and i found your little blog. Funny! :)