Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blogs Rock My World

I have a confession to the last week I have become completely, and utterly addicted to blogs. Well, mostly just one blog...

My roommate, Anne, introduced me to a blog that is written by a friend of a friend and we are both totally addicted. I mean, I could spend days reading this girl's blog because she is so dang funny (Anne and I have this secret desire to be her best friend and model our lives after her's...which I guess isn't so secret anymore). My future best friend's name is Allison and her blog is She Blogs, She Blogs.

I knew Allison and I were meant to be when I read her post about Diet Cola -- for anyone who knows me, you will understand after reading this post why Allison and I are indeed best-friend soul-mates.

Alas, in my quest to be just like Allison I've decided I need to start blogging again -- because that is what all ultra-chic girls do. My blog will never be as cool as Allison's but at least it can serve as a creative outlet in my quest to reach my full ab-fab potential sometime in the next decade.

Hopefully someday, someone besides my mom and my grandma will read can only hope.

P.S. To Allison if you ever read this -- I promise I'm not some weirdo, creepy girl. I do have friends who love me despite all of my eccentricities. But your blog speaks to me in a way that no blog ever has or ever will and because of that I find it necessary to publicly declare my love for you and your blogging ways. Live long and blog.


Anne Cropper said...

Oh Kaitlyn, I'll read it on a daily basis. In fact you left to use the restroom, and I miss you so much I had to get on your blog to tide me over until you emerge from the bathroom.

Alison said...

um, thanks for THE BEST POST EVER! Your blog is great! I'll be hanging around. Are you in the creative track? or just hangin out with Chris? I loooove Chris Cutri.

Kaitlin said...

you are funny. so funny.

siovhan said...

so i'm blog stalking at work (training in news biz is boring)

but I blog stalk alison too!! she's a friend of a friend of mine, too. and i just think she's so insightful.