Monday, February 13, 2012


1. Forcing Erik to take a picture with me 2. New Ray-Bans 3. Salt Lake Temple 4. Diet coke with lemon 5. Fish Tacos at Loco Lizard in Park City 6. My folks at Loco Lizard 7. Me at The Store in Midway 8. Erik's famous grilled cheese sandwiches 9. Erik at Zupas 10. Me at Zupas 11. Paninis and salads at Zupas 12. The view our the window of my cousin's house in Park City 13. Thrifted Rollei camera 14. Sun coming through the trees outside our house 15. Another view from the Park City house 16. Erik with Ruby Snap cookies 17. Thrifted Pendelton blazer 18. Cohen Rackham 19. Future lovers 20. Reese Hunter 21. Our wedding rings 22. Coconut chicken 23. Goodies from Bountiful Baskets 24. Making salsa roja 25. His and Hers Arsenal jerseys 26. Veggies from Bountiful Baskets 27. Erik at The Store in Midway 28. The view on my way home from work 29. Rootbeer float from Dairy Keen 30. Erik at the movies 31. The inside of the Park City house 32. Erik grillin' 33. Erik in the Park City house 34. View from the couch in the Park City house 35. Salsa roja and Diet Coke


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