Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Leggings + Bandanas + Diet Coke with Raspberry and Lime + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious (I think that's how the songs goes...)

Last Friday night at about 8:00 pm MST, Anne and I had absolutely no plans -- because that is just the kind of girls we are (the kind who have nothing to do on a Friday night). So we thought we would try and better ourselves in order to attract more Friday night fun by going running...but first I decided to rent Provo's favorite movie...(according to the people who work at Blockbuster)...the heartwarming story of a girl born with a pig nose who comes to love herself and finds a way to break the curse that gave her a snout and weird little flappy pig ears.

After going to two different Blockbusters I finally returned home triumphant, with my DVD of choice in hand. Then Anne and I decided that we didn't really want to go running and that we would rather just go to Maverick and get Diet Coke.

As we were getting ready to leave the house I said to Anne:

"Anne, if we are going to be uber-cool blogging girls from now own we really need to spice up our weekends. I propose we start having THEME nights."

Anne responded:

"Kaitlyn, I think that is a grand idea! What should our theme be tonight?"

And I said:

"Well it's a little too late to have a theme tonight so why don't we just wait until next week."

To which Anne replied:

"It's never to late for a theme night! Let's just think of something!"

Well...since I was already wearing my treasured black Gap Body spandex leggings I suggested that our theme be the ever popular Legging Night! Which, upon the discovery that i had a plethora of colorful bandannas, became...dah dah dah dum..."Legging and Bandanna Theme Night"!

Anne and I were sooo excited! We promptly called our trusty sidekick, Brillante, and informed her that she too had to wear leggings if she were to participate in the evenings activities. Then Anne in I jumped in my truck, turned up "I Kissed A Girl" (which is really the only song you can listen to on a Legging and Bandanna Theme Night) and sang our way over to Brillante's apartment and then on to Maverick!

After picking up some refreshing 32oz Diet Cokes and a $5 bag of Red Vines we jetted back to our apartment for a little pre-movie photo shoot.

So without further ado...ANTM -- Legging and Bandanna Theme Night Style.

Just look at those gorgeous girls all ready for theme night!

Watch out for Brijante!


IV Real!


Apparently holding on to a chair makes your butt look really good...who knew!

I just want to be alone with my Diet Coke.

Caffeine does strange things to Anne...

...and to me

Don't ever get between a girl and her Red Vines!

American Gothic...Maverick Style!

Things got a little wild when we decided to head into the great outdoors...
P.S. Did anyone notice that I suddenly grew a valossa raptor like thumb?

Brillante just had to sit on top of a parked car...

...forcing us to run from the Provo po-po!

But just when we thought we were cornered...

...we busted out our amazing leaping moves!

Which, of course dazzled the po-po into letting us go!

I guess all those years of dance class finally paid off!

And finally the feature presentation!


Laura said...

That brought back memories of looking at pictures of your hilarious antics without me in the dorms. You haven't changed a bit :)

Much love,


Anne Cropper said...

Oh man Kaitlyn, what would I do without you and your leggings?? Probably nothing. No wonder that creepy old man was looking at us while we were taking pictures, we are freakin' hot mamas, and no one can deny it!

Michael said...

My goodness, that is quite a night. I only wish I had been there to participate in the action. PS, Penelope has Catherine O'Hara in it...the greatest woman-comedian alive!

Anonymous said...

Kins...just so you know i've added your blog to my blogroll on igoogle. love having something to read while totally bored at work...but i love and miss you more! hope everything is amazing!

Unknown said...

Okay, so talk about personality in a blog post. My blog is nothing compared to this stuff.